Therapy for Teens and Parents

The purpose of therapy for teenagers and parents is to give parents a better handle on what is going on inside the mind of your teenager and to help you deal more effectively with your teenager’s behavior. By the end of our work together I expect that you will accomplish the following:

        • You will have a much better idea why your teen does what he or she does.
        • Your teenager will be much more responsible and behave more maturely.
        • You will have a better relationship with your teenager.
        • You are going to have control over what happens in your home.
        • You are going to be a much more effective and confident as parent.
        • You are going to regain the respect that you deserve as a parent.
        • You yourself are going to be a much happier and relaxed person.
        • You are going to enjoy your teenager a lot more.

We are going to start by discussing basic information that will help you to better understand your teenager. A lot of parents get upset by what their teens say or do. If you can understand where your teenager is coming from and can get a better feeling for the forces that are driving him or her, you will find that most of the really offensive things that your teenager does are absolutely meaningless. Actually, you will find a lot of them quite funny, even the antics that tend to really get under your skin.

The bulk of therapy is to show you how to get your teenager to grow up and act more maturely. I will show you how to put an end to most conflicts, pick your battles, where to take a stand, and how to maintain your stand. I will empower you to be the one who is in charge of what is going on between you and your teen but it will not be about force or domination.

You will learn a no-nonsense approach to get your teenager and your home back under control. There are a lot of different approaches to doing this but I feel that what I am sharing with you is the best approach. This program will help you to prepare your teenager for adult life. It will also set you up to have a good life-long relationship with your child, one that will continue long after your child has grown up and left your home!

There are many approaches to dealing with difficult teens that may be effective in the short run, and some of them might be quicker and easier. But these are only short-term solutions. And short-term solutions should not be what you are looking for. If your child is a teenager then it took at least thirteen years for your difficulties to develop. You are not going to find any instant quick fix solutions that are going to work for long. If you do you should be suspicious. However you will start seeing improvements fairly soon after you begin to apply what you learn in therapy.

Although not hard to implement, it will require some readjustment in thinking on your part. That is actually the most difficult part of therapy. I am confident that the early successes you experience will inspire you to make these changes and to carry on further.

The purpose of the first assessment interview is to identify the nature of the problem or difficulty which the family or teenager is facing. The typical duration of therapy is approximately 12 to 16 sessions in length including a combination of individual sessions with the teenager, individual sessions with you the parents, and family sessions with parents and teenager together. After the first assessment interview we will decide together on the best way to proceed as far as how we will structure the sessions.

Taking the First Step

If you would like to set an appointment or if you have any questions call (877-372-8784) or email me. The next step will be to download the Intake Questionnaire which will give me an overview of your situation and background. We will go over this information in more detail during our first session, which is primarily meant for information gathering and to establish goals for therapy.